the comic

Camille dancing.

nuclear bones is a webcomic, with a new page releasing every weekend. it centers around the life of a 13-year-old girl named camille growing up online in the early 2000s. she has a cat named möbius and a ton of untreated anxiety.

the team

mordecai (he/xem)

Mordecai's Portrait

hi! i'm mordecai, a trans disabled mixed filipino high schooler living in the southwest us. you can find my personal webiste at mordecai alba (dot) com! i do all of the art and writing for nuclear bones, and some colors too. (also, i coded this website.) making a webcomic has been a dream of mine for as long as i've known webcomics were a thing that existed, & i love horror, making things with my hands, and collecting cds. my favorite piece of childhood web nostalgia is don't hug me i'm scared!

taro (he/him)

Taro's Portrait

i’m taro, i’m one of the colorists for nuclear bones! i’m a gay little artist from the bay area and you can find me @fricklefracklefloof on instagram or tumblr. in my free time i love to write poetry, go on walks, and play rhythm games. my number one piece of childhood web nostalgia was webkinz!

cheshire (they/them)

Cheshire's Portrait

hi! i’m cheshire or ches, one of the colorists for nuclear bones. im 20, queer, and i have chronic migraines. i currently live in the bay area. you can find me on instagram at v0idfish or on tumblr, which i am new to, at alabastercatfish. i love weird fiction and horror, my assortment of pets, and staying silly. my number one childhood web nostalgia is old spyro/cynder youtube videos, despite never having played the original games.

for more detailed credits, please see our credits page.

the community

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this site is a part of the web/comic/ring and there are some other wonderful creators on there! i highly recommend checking them out :D

this site is intended to be as accessible as it can be and has been checked using the wave accessibility evaluation software. page transcripts are provided in place of alt text to avoid excessively long alt text and a link to the transcripts page can be found on each chapter's page. please shoot me an email at nuclear bones comic (at) gmail (dot) com. if you have any questions or concerns. i cannot guarantee fantastic mobile functionality but the site will function on mobile if needed

we may have a community discord server at some point if there is demand :]

additional considerations


content warnings for individual chapters can be found on each chapter's page, but as a whole, this webcomic is recommended for ages 14+ due to dealing with sensitive topics such as mental health struggles, nuclear anxiety, and online (nonsexual) grooming.

touching more on that topic, the intent of this comic is not to fearmonger around online use for children, but to acknowledge and validate the dangers of loneliness, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and unchecked power imbalances. i do not support the kids online safety act and i recognize the value that the internet can have in developing personal identity.

although i do provide a recommended reader age, as depicted in the comic itself, kids under 14 can and do deal with rough stuff. any suggestion i make about reader age will always be just that. camille's experience is based on things i went through from as young as 10. if you're under 14 and still feel compelled to read the comic, i encourage you to go forth with caution and make sure to check in on your emotional wellbeing throughout :]


if you don't know what a colorist is, in this case it's someone who helps with coloring comics when i need a little extra support! pages or pieces colored by ches and/or taro will always be specified as such. for more detailed credits, please see the credits page.